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The Difference

Experience & Credentials

You’ll get an online mixing engineer that has over 25 years experience, major label credits, and has worked on Multi-Platinum albums. Cool right?

Straight Forward Process

Other online mixing engineers have many mixing options and levels. We don’t offer “Basic” or “Lite” mix packages. You aren’t basic or lite. We deliver one option. A complete and awesome mix for one affordable rate. Boom!

Quick Turnaround

Our turnaround time is 30% faster than our competition on average. Most single song mixes can be completed in just 7 short business days!

Song Transformation

Below are some Before and After examples of songs I’ve mixed to show what a major improvement a great mix can make to your music. The “before” samples are simply rough mixes. They have all the elements, and are the same performances, but sound somewhat dull and lifeless compared to the “after” samples, which are the final mixes that I did for my clients. Notice how the final mixes sound larger and have more depth, energy, space and excitement, and how they actually enhance the emotion and add life to the songs. An amazing mix can make an incredible difference to your music!

“Marc is a consummate pro and a pleasure to work with. He always delivers the highest quality mixes, done efficiently and on time, with an incredible level of conscientiousness. I’ve worked with Marc on a couple of projects both recording and mixing, and have been delighted with the finished product. Do yourself a favor and use him on your next project.” Dez Dickerson

Guitarist , Prince & The Revolution

“You can turn on 101.9 RXP in New York City and hear The Click Clack Boom’s music stand up to the hottest production in the world thanks to Marc Frigo.” Andy Hilfiger

Owner, Andy Hilfiger Entertainment

I’d love to be your go-to online mixing engineer.

I’m Marc Frigo. Thanks for stopping by my site! gives you the opportunity to hire an online mixing engineer with multi-platinum credits and 25 years of experience. My process is efficient, my rates are competitive, and I want to make sure your music sounds the best. Mixing music is my passion, and I want to be your online mixing engineer. Why should you hire an online mixing engineer? It’s an affordable way to complete your projects. It frees up time! While you’re on the road or in writing sessions, I’ll be here in the background making sure your music sounds the best that it can. My mix studio is located in Nashville, but I don’t just work on country music. Whether you’re a rock artist, rapper, pop band, indie rock band, folk singer, jazz or reggae artist, etc, I got you covered! Thanks again for visiting and I look forward to being your go-to online mixing engineer!

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