Why choose online mixing services over other mixing options?

Why Choose Online Mixing Services Over Other Mixing Options?

Online Mixing Services

Why would you want to hire an online mixing engineer, or choose online mixing services over mixing on your own, or hiring a local engineer to do the job?

For starters, if you really want your music to sound the best that it possibly can, you’ll want a pro mix engineer to do the job. Perhaps you have hired amazing musicians, arrangers, etc, and have great recordings and performances of your music. You still need an amazing mix to make the tracks really stand out, and to get that radio ready quality that will help take your music to the next level. Calling on a pro for their online mixing services could be just the solution for you.

It’s possible that you yourself are a great mixer, or that you have someone local to you who is a pro mix engineer that you can hire to do the job. If that’s not the case, however, it makes a lot of sense to farm out this work to a pro online mixing engineer who offers high quality online mixing services, in order to make your music the best it can possibly be, and to ensure that it’s radio ready. After all the time, energy, and money you spend to get your songs, recordings, arrangements, and performances just right, it simply doesn’t make sense to cut corners when it comes time to mix.

And don’t be fooled into thinking that hiring a great mastering engineer can take a poor or average mix and make it amazing. While mastering is absolutely an important part of the process, it’s not a substitute for getting an incredible mix. All the fine tuning and the way the instruments interact and blend together in order to properly convey the emotion of the song is part of the mix process, and should not be left for mastering engineers. It’s simply not their job to do this, and any mastering engineer will greatly appreciate having killer mixes to work with from the start. Professional online mixing services are a valid option to get you the kind of mixes you need before sending them off to mastering.

Speaking of mastering, I can provide mastering at no additional cost with my Platinum Mix Package, but you are always free to have the mixes mastered elsewhere, and I can even make some recommendations for great mastering engineers if you decide to do that.

Of course before you even get to the point of needing an amazing online mixing engineer or mastering, you’ll need to have the songs, tracks, arrangements, and performances ready to go. Here are some people I know and trust, and have worked with personally that can help you take care of these other incredibly important parts of the music creation process:

Check out www.songwritingteam.com. These guys will help you write a song, and create some awesome tracks for you that are ready for mixing!

If you want to hire some amazing session players, check out Tony Morra’s Downtown Batterie at www.downtownbatterie.com. Tony and the guys are all top session players who can help make your music come to life!

As with my online mixing engineer services, there is no need to travel to Nashville to work with these fine folks. I can work closely with them to help you get the most out of your music, so that your tracks are primed and ready for me, your online mixing engineer!

Make waves & sound amazing!

Marc Frigo
Your Online Mixing Engineer

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