Success and Excellence

Success and Excellence

Success and Excellence

What is success? While I realize success means different things to different people, I believe a common thread of success is (or at least should be) doing things with excellence. For me, success and excellence go hand-in-hand, and that means caring greatly about what I do.

As a mix engineer, for example, I strive for excellence, because I am passionate about it, and I really care about the quality of my work. Each time I sit down to mix a song, my goal is for it to be the best mix ever created, and to be the best mix the artist or band has ever heard.

Some may say this is an unrealistic goal. Perhaps it is, especially because it is subjective, but I believe it is absolutely a worthwhile goal. Why do anything if you don’t intend to do your best and push beyond what you’ve done before? Even after 25 plus years of mixing, I can still grow and learn in my craft, and get better at it.

This translates into every area of life, really. Along with being a mixer, recording engineer, and producer, I’m also a husband and a father, a homeowner, a friend, a son, a neighbor, and so on. It makes perfect sense to apply this same philosophy into these and other areas of my life, because I care, and I choose to care every day. Yes – I have some work to do, so I’ll keep striving for success and excellence. Why? Because it matters, and helps to make the world a better place.

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing with excellence. That’s where I find success – how about you?

Make waves & sound amazing!

Marc Frigo
Your Online Mixing Engineer

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