Nashville Mix Engineer
My Name is Marc Frigo. Thanks so much for checking out my website. I assume you’re here because you love music as much as I do. Specifically, I’m a Nashville Mix Engineer / Producer, and I love recording, mixing, producing, and helping people make great records that are filled with emotion and sound amazing. It’s a pretty good time, so let’s have some fun and make music!

I’m sure you probably have some questions, so here are some answers to a few things you may want to know…

As a Nashville Mix Engineer, what genres do you record, mix and produce?

I’m comfortable working in many different genres, including all kinds of rock, pop, jazz, blues, rockabilly, country, folk, americana, bluegrass, hip-hop, R&B, soul, funk, ska, reggae, klezmer, grunge, metal, crunk, industrial, and just about anything, really. Check out the “listen” link in the menu on this site to hear some samples of my work. If you don’t hear an example in your style or genre, touch base and I’ll get you something if I have it.

Do you ever travel to work in locations other than Nashville?

I’m always up to do some traveling for the right projects, so let me know what you have in mind, whether in a different part of the country, or a different part of the world altogether.

Nashville Mix Engineer

Have you worked with any major acts that I would know?

Probably. Throughout the 90’s I worked on mostly major label projects, with many top artists and producers. With the way the industry has changed in recent years, I now work with a lot more indie artists that you may or may not know, along with some more well-known artists and producers from time to time. Here are just a few people I’ve worked with over the years:

The Indigo Girls – Jewel – Dez Dickerson (of Prince & the Revolution) – K.T. Oslin – Nelson (Matthew & Gunnar) – Nicole C. Mullen – Erin O’Donnell – Jackie Chain – Israel – Letters to Cleo – Future Leaders of the World – Peter Collins – Jay Joyce

I also recorded and mixed the song “Larry Boy” featuring Dove Award winning recording artist Nicole C. Mullen for the popular “Veggie Tales” video series for children. Thought I’d mention this credit specifically, since I meet so many people who know and love that song.

Still have questions?

Great. Hit me up by phone or email. Better yet, call and email me. That way if I’m unable to answer when you call, but I have some time at 2am, I can at least email you back to get things rolling. Marc@PlatinumMixer.com or 615-900-0606.