Using Saturation & Distortion in a Mix

Saturation & Distortion

Using saturation and distortion is a common modern mixing technique that can be used to add character, energy, and excitement to a mix. It can really enhance a mix when done properly. Most pop vocals these days have a good bit of saturation on them, for example, and I love the way it sounds.

While saturation is a type of distortion, it can add some nice harmonics and excitement, and can even help make things sounds smooth and lush. Saturation can be used to make tracks sound edgy and exciting, without making them sound harsh. Sometimes it’s cool to push it hard, where you really hear the distortion. Personally, I find that most times I use it, I’m going for…(read more)

My Favorite Cartoon Character, Life & Music


I recently had a thought about my favorite cartoon character, and how he relates to my life & music. This thought began at a really cool weekly meeting I attend here in Nashville with a group of several other people in the music industry. I’ve grown to love this group, called Balanced Breakfast, and the people in it. You should see if there is a Balanced Breakfast group, or something similar in your town!

Each week the meeting begins with an “ice breaker,” where everyone is asked a question that is designed to break the ice, so to speak, and begin the meeting in a fun way. This week, the ice breaker question was “what is your favorite cartoon character?” I picked Phineas, from the show “Phineas and Ferb,” as my favorite…(read more)

Success and Excellence

Success and Excellence

What is success? While I realize success means different things to different people, I believe a common thread of success is (or at least should be) doing things with excellence. For me, success and excellence go hand-in-hand, and that means caring greatly about what I do.

As a mix engineer, for example, I strive for excellence, because I am passionate about it, and I really care about the quality of my work. Each time I sit down to mix a song, my goal is for it to be the best mix ever created, and to be the best mix the artist or band has ever heard…(read more)

U.S. Music Royalties – How To Get Paid

Music Royalties

A basic understanding of music royalties is important for those of us trying to earn a living in the music business. Here in the U.S., music royalties are paid to the “Publishing” rights holders, and to the “Master” rights holders of music.

The “Publishing” music royalties are paid to the owner or owners of the song itself, which would typically be the songwriters and their publishing…(read more)

Why choose online mixing services over other mixing options?


Why would you want to hire an online mixing engineer, or choose online mixing services over mixing on your own, or hiring a local engineer to do the job?

For starters, if you really want your music to sound the best that it possibly can, you’ll want a pro mix engineer to do the job. Perhaps you have hired amazing musicians, arrangers, etc, and have great recordings and performances of your music… (read more)