My Favorite Cartoon Character, Life & Music


I recently had a thought about my favorite cartoon character, and how he relates to my life & music. This thought began at a really cool weekly meeting I attend here in Nashville with a group of several other people in the music industry. I’ve grown to love this group, called Balanced Breakfast, and the people in it. You should see if there is a Balanced Breakfast group, or something similar in your town!

Each week the meeting begins with an “ice breaker,” where everyone is asked a question that is designed to break the ice, so to speak, and begin the meeting in a fun way. This week, the ice breaker question was “what is your favorite cartoon character?” I picked Phineas, from the show “Phineas and Ferb,” as my favorite…(read more)

U.S. Music Royalties – How To Get Paid

Music Royalties

A basic understanding of music royalties is important for those of us trying to earn a living in the music business. Here in the U.S., music royalties are paid to the “Publishing” rights holders, and to the “Master” rights holders of music.

The “Publishing” music royalties are paid to the owner or owners of the song itself, which would typically be the songwriters and their publishing…(read more)