Other Services Include Recording, Producing, & providing Session Players & Programmers

In addition to online mixing, we offer many other services, such as recording, producing, and providing session players and programmers. Hit us up for all your music needs, and we’ll see how we can help!


Nashville has some of the best studios in the world that we can book to record your music. We’ll find the best place for your project & budget. We can also do a good bit of recording right here in the mix room, including recording guitars, bass, keys, vocals, and other instruments. Of course if you prefer to record somewhere other than Nashville, let me know. I’m always up to travel to work on some great music!


For me, producing, and the process of making an album in general, is typically highly collaborative between the artist, musicians, producer, engineer, and anyone else involved in the creative process. I can collaborate with you to co-produce your project, or if I feel I’m not the guy for that task, I can help you find a producer that is.

Session Players

Nashville has some amazing session players, arguably the best in the world. We can certainly find just the right group of musicians to work with you to bring your music to life, in pretty much any style of music you can imagine!


If your style of music is pop, pop-country, Hip-Hop, RnB, or any other style that is better suited to programmed instruments, or a blend of programming and live musicians, we got you covered! In addition to amazing session players, Nashville also has incredible programmers who can create killer tracks for your songs.